Quarter 3 Update: Progress on My New Year Goals — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Kira,

    I am a little surprised by your list of “25 Sweet Vegan Treats” for kids. Every single one of those are full of sugar, food dyes and cancer-causing chemicals! For a quick, healthy treat, how about a stick of celery with peanut butter, or apple slice with peanut butter?

    I would like to introduce you to The Food Babe: She is all about healthy eating, and totally against any chemical “foods”… and, she has a 1 year old, so she will be a great resource for recipes on the best foods and treats for kids.

    Just my two cents…

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for the comment. I completely agree that none of these are healthy options. The idea behind this post wasn’t so much for healthy options as it was for vegan sweets.
      Some vegans are very fortunate in that the people in their lives are willing to accommodate their lifestyle or diet choice. Most of us, however, struggle regularly with people (mostly grandparents) giving our kids whatever they want when we’re not around, despite our wishes.
      This list was meant for them. As a new vegan who is constantly having to remind others that we cannot eat eat certain things, I’ve found that it’s easier to take baby steps in getting family and friends onboard with the changes that they may not understand. To them, peanut butter is not a treat. Candy is.
      My goal with this, and every post, is progress, not immediate perfection. It’s about improving.
      I consider it a win if I can find things that most people would regularly buy, such as those on this list, that are vegan. It makes them a little less disagreeable with the process because it’s still familiar.
      In time, we’ll move on to healthier and healthier alternatives, but for now, and for many people, we have to make concessions to avoid completely chaos.
      I will be posting about healthy vegan sweets for kids in the future, but that is another post with another purpose for another time. ☺

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