Grateful Living- November 2016 — 2 Comments

  1. Too funny that you should post about gratitude. I’ve dedicated this week to the topic of gratitude on my FB page. Great minds think alike, right?
    Gratitude is so powerful is changing your life. I have yet to master the skill. It is a work in progress. I plan on getting a gratitude journal started soon. Thanks for sharing your month of gratitude. Have you noticed any changes in your disposition, how you respond to adversity?

    • Hi Dawn!

      Good question about the changes in my disposition. I would say that I haven’t noticed any change in how I respond to adversity throughout the day. The problem is, I take time at the end of the day to consider what I’m most grateful for that day, rather than being grateful in the moment.
      I intend to try to start a new meditation routine to respond better to difficult situations, however. I read a great book called 10% Happier by Dan Harris and it really got me thinking about how meditation might be the key to being more present in every moment and remaining calmer and happier. Definitely check it out if you’re interested in altering your daily disposition!
      Thanks for the comment and good luck starting your gratitude journal.


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