My intention with this blog is to create a space that provides advice, insight, and encouragement on a variety of topics centered around living better. In addition, I also want this to become a community where readers feel comfortable and welcome, feel free to engage, and can provide assistance to each other. The below comment policy is one way that I am able to do that. To read more about my intentions for this blog, please visit the About page.

In order to make this a welcoming community, comments are essential. However, there are some instances where comments may be removed. I reserve the right to remove any comment for any reason. That being said, comments will almost always be left unless they violate the below guidelines.

All comments are subject to this policy. Violations may result in comments not only being deleted but could also result in individuals being blocked from commenting.

Please note the below comment guidelines and comment away!
  • Comments that are abusive, insulting, or degrading in any way (either to another commenter, Kira, or another blogger) will likely be removed. Criticism is acceptable, attacks are not.
  • Comments left for the sole purpose of promoting the author’s blog, business or other endeavors will, in most instances, be removed. Additionally, excessive use by a commenter of “Thank you” or other one word comments that appear to be left only to receive a backlink will be deleted as I see fit.
  • Comments appearing to be spam will be removed. If you are the author of a comment that has been incorrectly determined to be spam, please feel free to comment again with a less “spammy” comment. The following factors are the most common causes for your comment to be identified as spam: consists of more than one link, has no content other than a link, or is completely unrelated to the blog post content.
  • This is a family friendly blog. If you wouldn’t want your child to see it, don’t put it here. Anything sexually explicit or violent in nature will be removed immediately.
  • On occasion, I may choose to edit a comment rather than deleting it in it’s entirety. Removing excessive or overly vulgar profanity, shorting URL’s or fixing broken links are the most common reasons this would occur. If I do edit a comment, it will be noted.

By submitting a comment to this blog, you acknowledge understanding of your liability. Comments are the sole responsibility of the comment author. Kira and A Better Life Lived are not liable for damage or repercussions for comments left by readers.

The final word

Comment responsibly. I retain the right to remove anything at any time as I see fit. Generally, I will follow the guidelines outlined above. However, at any time I may remove something for reasons other than what is listed here. Please remember that this is my community. I take my responsibility to keep my readers feeling happy, safe, and welcome very seriously.

If you have any questions regarding the comment policy, or anything else, please feel free to contact me.