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Do you ever feel like your life has been taken over by all of the necessary burdens that you don’t value while the precious moments of life seem to slip by?

I can help with that.


At A Better Life Lived, I write about creating a life focused on your priorities of family, health, and happiness.

I’ve found that so many working moms are yearning to live healthier and enjoy their family and life more but struggle with how to make that dream a reality.

I believe that for most of us, the current life we lead is out of alignment with our values, priorities, and dreams. We spend too much time focusing on things that don’t really matter because we have to, and miss out on what really matters most. By continuing down that path, we reduce our happiness and add stress to our lives. This keeps us from reaching that place of joy, contentment, and peace that we seek.

I want to help you shift the focus of your life away from work, money, chores and other burdens. 

I want to help you be happier.

It’s my mission to provide ideas and solutions to reduce the burdens and demands in life and maximize the time you have so you can focus on your family, health and happiness. Because those are what life is all about.

You don’t need to be a super driven, high-achieving, “perfect” mom to live a life of joy. My solutions are designed with the regular, struggling, every-mom in mind that most of us are!


Who Am I?

I am a family-centered, simple mama trying to live life in line with my priorities and values so I can have my best life. For more about me and why I blog, check out this post.

I’ve been making the shift to stop focusing so much on what doesn’t really matter in order to live my best life and I want to help others do the same. It’s a long process, and it’s never done, but it’s totally worth it!


On this blog, you’ll find a wide range of topics such as:

  • healthier living
  • family
  • parenting
  • marriage
  • finances
  • personal goals and passions
  • general home, life, and events

I want this blog to be a community where everyone can be inspired and encouraged to do what it takes to live better; to do what it is that allows your heart and mind to live every day in that fire of happiness, appreciation, and contentment.

I want you to be hopeful and feel like you have tools to help you live your best every day.

So, welcome! I hope you stay a while and find this site useful on your journey to getting the most out of your life.

To a better life,


I am always open to suggestions for what you would like to see on the blog. If you have an idea, suggestion or question, please submit it by reaching out via email at or any of my social pages!

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